Pioneering digital anticoagulation care

In 1997, our Medical Director, Dr Mark Sullivan, realised there must be a better way to manage anticoagulation clinics. Mark’s vision led to the development of INRstar, one of the first digital solutions for anticoagulation management.

This early digital breakthrough helped other clinicians like Mark to improve the safety and consistency of anticoagulation care by reducing manual errors and improving Time in Therapeutic Range (TTR) control. It also enabled a move from dependency on GP time to more efficient, nurse-led clinics supported by Health Care Assistants (HCAs) with INRstar’s role-based permissions.

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We continue to support clinicians to improve outcomes and efficiency with our diagnostic-led care solutions. Our clinical and technical teams collaborate with healthcare professionals and patients to ensure our solutions really work for them.

INRstar has evolved from a stand-alone clinical decision support software to become part of the LumiraDx anticoagulation solution. It is now used in over 2,700 primary and secondary care locations across the UK.

This includes:

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A smarter model of care

The increasing demand on healthcare resources means that we need to find a better way to deliver care. Our safe, convenient digital care solutions transform the way care teams and patients connect.

Better health, better experiences, better value

We believe that with the right tools, information and support, patients can become effective collaborators in their own health. This can lead to better experiences and outcomes for everyone.

Our vision is to make digital health technology as easy to use and accessible as online banking.

“People wish to be more informed and involved with their own care, challenging the traditional divide between patients and professionals, and offering opportunities for better health through increased prevention and supported self-care.”

NHS Five Year Forward Plan

Safe, effective, reliable

Our secured, networked, digital anticoagulation solution is clinically risk assessed by medical professionals and follows the latest guidelines on best practice care.

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