Why is digital healthcare important?

In a world where data connects everyone and everything, digital technology has the power to make healthcare smarter and more sustainable.

Digitising existing best practice in care enables:

  • Sharing of vital information
  • Faster, more informed decision making
  • Wider digital participation

Better, faster and more efficient healthcare

Insight-driven digital healthcare transforms the way we deliver care at the point of need and allows us to share the right information, with the right people, at the right time. It can also reduce complexity and build relevant solutions that really work for clinicians and patients.

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“Now is the moment to put the failures of the past behind us, and set our sights on the NHS being the most cutting-edge system in the world for the use of technology to improve our health, make our lives easier, and make money go further (…)”

Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock’s My vision for a more tech-driven NHS speech at NHS Expo 2018

What is digital transformation in healthcare?

Digital transformation helps you digitise best practice in your existing care pathways. Integrated digital solutions can also empower patients to take more control of their care.

The strategic advantage of using our digital transformation service is that it helps you extract meaningful data quickly and efficiently. This supports smarter, diagnostic-led care and improves the patient experience.

Better health, better experiences, better value

By digitising what already works well and embracing innovation, we can help you deliver sustainable improvements that demonstrate value. In real terms this means better outcomes, improved efficiency and reduced costs.

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How we can help you to digitise your anticoagulation service?

Our expert team will support you throughout the whole digital transformation process from pathway redesign right through to outcome evaluation.

We work with you to:

  • Understand the challenges and goals to implement the changes needed
  • Develop a digital implementation strategy and plan
  • Help you to engage with clinicians and stakeholders to encourage uptake
  • Promote patient awareness and involvement around digital self-care
  • Train and upskill care teams
  • Support clinicians and patients during implementation
  • Demonstrate outcomes and value
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“Activated patients have better health outcomes, leading to lower care costs.”

The King’s Fund: Supporting people to manage health patient activation. May 2014.


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