INRstar Clinical Level 1 training

A Clinical Level 1 user often has regular contact with patients and would manage stable patients with no changes to their treatments.

Our Clinical Level 1 training is a practical and thorough clinical demonstration which includes how to:

  • Suspend a patient's treatment plan when appropriate
  • Accurately input INR results from external and internal testing locations
  • Understand other INRstar roles, permissions and their context
  • Perform and record quality control including point-of-care testing (PoCT), internal and external quality control (IQC and EQC) records

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INRstar Clinical Level 2 training

A Clinical Level 2 user has all the permissions of Level 1 plus they're able to deactivate and reactivate patients, make changes to a patient's clinical details and complete out-of-range treatments.

Clinical Level 2 training delivers a comprehensive overview of the system and its functionality including how to:

  • Carry out annual patient reviews, including summary of treatment
  • Run location reports relevant to quality and treatments
  • Generate patient letters from bespoke templates
  • Record adverse events

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INRstar Clinical Level 3 training

Our Clinical Level 3 training is designed for users who make dose changes to a patient's prescription and authorise referrals from users with a lower permission level. This role should be a prescriber who's aiming to or has already completed the MSC anticoagulation management training course.

Clinical Level 3 training covers how to:

  • Override and/or approve patients who are out of range, have missed a dose or started new treatments
  • Conduct annual review for all anticoagulation patients
  • External patient lookup and transfer of testing location
  • Access audit and reports

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Location Clinical Lead INRstar training

A Location Clinical Lead user takes ultimate responsibility for all INRstar users at their location. This is the only user role with access to the complete view of the audit trail and all changes made to records by users.

Location Clinical Lead permissions are similar to those of Clinical Level 3 users, except that this role assumes responsibility to ensure that all INRstar users are adequately trained. We provide training for stand-alone practices or for location lead groups within CCGs.

The training includes how to:

  • Use the audit record facility and clinical accountability/governance
  • Access an overview of system functionality and the responsibility of the role delivered through a webinar session

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INRstar training for clerical and administration staff

INRstar offers non-clinical roles to help your team manage your anticoagulation service. We offer training for these specific roles.

Clerical staff can:

  • Add patient demographics
  • Run reports

Administration staff can, in addition to the clerical staff permissions:

  • Set up, create and disable permission accounts
  • Make password changes and resets
  • Maintain the location details and non-clinical settings

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