Up-to-date overview of your INRstar locations

INRstar analytics gives you up-to-date information across all your INRstar locations. Accessing activity audits and comprehensive reports for all your anticoagulation services has never been this quick and easy.

INRstar analytics enables you to:

  • Identify and support areas where TTR range levels are low or unstable
  • Benchmark against high performing locations and share best practice
  • Make better decisions based on an up-to-date overview of your anticoagulation services across multiple locations
  • Improve health outcomes at population level
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A comprehensive range of reports

INRstar analytics supports you to make evidence-based decisions to improve population health outcomes with up-to-date reports. Our clever software gives you access to key data and support services for the right information when you need it. 

These reports enable you to:

  • Identify star performers and practices in need of support by comparing location TTR
  • Benchmark INR variations against averages from over 2,700 anticoagulation services
  • View INRs within 0.5, 0.75 and 1.0 of target
  • Monitor % of adverse events across all drugs

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Introducing analytics has meant that business intelligence reporting for all practices is instantly available to us at the click of a button... this gives us more time to support practices

Emma-Jane Roberts,
former Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation, Leicester City CCG

Improve efficiency and performance with INRstar analytics

INRstar analytics transforms the way service data works for you by enabling you to make better decisions based on a comprehensive overview of all your services across your area. Gain more time to support and optimise your anticoagulation services for a more significant return on investment.

Reduce clinical variation and improve patient outcomes with INRstar analytics:

  • Undertake clinical audits quickly and effectively
  • Ensure services are following NICE guidelines
  • Pay services quickly and easily based on accurate patient and treatment data
  • Budget more efficiently and ensure your anticoagulation service comes in on budget

Improve outcomes across populations with INRstar analytics

Start optimising all your anticoagulation services and manage them more effectively.

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We used to have to involve people in sending out audit forms for the NPSA and I had to put together all the results. It is now literally done with the click of a button – it saves a huge amount of time.

Sue Bennett,
Lead Pharmacist for Anticoagulation Management, NHS Cumbria CCG

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