Understand your anticoagulation therapy better

Learn more about your specific anticoagulation therapy with the DOAC support programme. Available via the easy-to-use engage app, this programme gives you access to comprehensive educational videos you can view at any time.

You can learn about:

  • How your direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC) works
  • Any possible side effects
  • Symptoms of bleeding and clotting

The DOAC support programme helps you to gain confidence and feel more in control with helpful tips and reminders about your anticoagulation therapy.


Stay in touch with digital reviews

Stay connected and save time and money with fewer visits to clinic with digital reviews. You can submit them via the engage app and let your care team know about any symptoms and how are you getting on with your medicines. This gives them up-to-date information about your therapy so they can offer you the best care.

Get in touch and find out more about our DOAC support programme.


Talk to us about the DOAC support programme

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