Convenient tablet schedule, comprehensive anticoagulation education

The digital dosing diary transforms the way you receive your warfarin tablet schedule. Delivered via our easy-to-use engage app, this programme seamlessly connects you to your care team enabling them to send your tablet schedule safely and directly to you.

Receive your tablet schedule on the same day as your appointment with our digital dosing diary. engage is available on smartphones, tablets and web giving you freedom to access your tablet schedule whenever you want.

Feel more in control of your anticoagulation therapy

Learn more about warfarin and how small lifestyle changes can make a difference with our digital dosing diary. Available 24/7 in engage, this programme offers you a range of short, educational videos about your anticoagulation therapy.

Topics include:

  • All about warfarin
  • Symptoms of bleeding or clots
  • Interactions with other medications
  • Diet and alcohol

Start receiving your tablet schedule digitally

Ask your care team whether the digital dosing diary is available at your anticoagulation clinic.




Your warfarin tablet schedule wherever you are

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