Release clinic time with engage INR self-testing

Manage your patients remotely and improve time in therapeutic range (TTR) with our INR self-testing programme. Delivered via engage, our easy-to-use patient app, this programme supports you to free clinic time and reduce missed appointments so you can focus on the patients that need it most.

No extra work for your team

We take care of the whole set-up process including step-by-step training that gives your patients the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-test.

Our engage INR self-testing programme offers:

  • Seamless connection to INRstar – helping you review, dose, send instructions and file information back to the clinical system
  • Comprehensive patient education – 24/7 access to educational videos about their anticoagulation therapy
  • On-hand support team – helping patients and care teams with any technical issue

Read how Pendleside Medical Practice benefits from INR self-testing with engage

The team uses engage to reduce time commitment and support patients to stay healthy and feel well.

Pendleside Medical Practice's success story


“We were struggling with our anticoagulation clinics. They were very busy and time consuming. It seemed there was potential to reduce the time commitment for both patients coming in and the nurses running the clinics.”

Dr Lucy Astle,
Pendleside Medical Practice, Lancanshire


Watch care teams and patients speak about the benefits of engage INR self-testing


In her clinic in Cornwall, Pernille wanted to give patients more choice about their anticoagulation therapy.


Bill loves to travel with his wife. engage gave him a way to continue with his life style and stay in touch with his care team.

Connected, integrated INR self-testing

As the only INR self-testing programme approved to join the NHS App Library, engage transforms the way you and your patients connect.

Full integration to INRstar and all of Roche’s INR self-testing meters

engage enables data to flow seamlessly from your patient’s CoaguChek XS or INRange meters to INRstar. Patients send their INR results directly to their record in INRstar via engage, enabling you to support them to manage their anticoagulation therapy without the need of a clinic appointment.

  • Review INR results directly on your patient’s record in INRstar
  • Dose them and send your patient’s dosing instructions directly to the engage app
  • File back to all major clinical systems – making it easier for you to demonstrate improved outcomes and value

Reduce time commitment for patients and nurses with engage INR self-testing

Learn how the INR self-testing programme can help you make your service safer and more efficient.

Download our INR self-testing programme brochure

Improved control with engage INR self-testing


77.82% with engage between June 2017 / June 2018 – up from 61.92% for the same cohort of patients before any form of INR self-testing in 2015, Sandown Health Centre, Isle of Wight.


TTR of 69.35% with engage between June 2017 / June 2018 – higher than the NICE recommended TTR of 65% and up from 56.94% for the same cohort of patients before any form of INR self-testing in 2015, Sandown Health Centre, Isle of Wight.

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