Stay in touch with your DOAC patients

Support patients on a direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC / NOAC) to understand their anticoagulation therapy better and encourage medication adherence with our DOAC support programme.

Gain visibility with digital DOAC reviews

NICE guidelines advise that patients on a DOAC require regular follow up and monitoring. Delivered via our easy-to-use engage patient app, the DOAC support programme simplifies this process and helps you release clinic time.

Patients submit scheduled digital reviews directly to INRstar, letting you know how they’re getting on without the need of a clinic appointment.

You can:

  • Schedule digital reviews from your patient’s record in INRstar
  • View incoming reviews and learn how patients are getting on
  • File them back to your clinical system via INRstar

Review your DOAC patients remotely with engage

Stay in touch and support them to self-care with our DOAC support programme.

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NICE recommends patients on DOACs should be reviewed every 3 months

NICE recommends patients on DOACs should be reviewed every 3 months. 1: Assess compliance to treatment and to reinforce advice regarding the importance of a regular dosing schedule. 2: Enquire about or assess the presence of any adverse effects such as bleeding, symptoms of stroke or a VTE including pulmonary embolism. 3: Ask the person if they have been taking any other medicines including any bought over-thecounter

Comprehensive education on your patient’s specific DOAC

Excellent care in anticoagulation therapy requires ongoing patient education1. engage supports you to deliver this by transforming the way your patients learn about their anticoagulation therapy.

Patients on the DOAC support programme have 24/7 access to a series of easy-to-follow educational videos tailored to their specific DOAC.

Topics include:

  • Detailed information about your patient’s specific DOAC
  • Adherence support
  • Symptoms of bleeding and clotting
  • Other side effects

Support your DOAC patients to remain adherent with engage

Help your patients to learn more about their anticoagulation therapy and the importance of adherence with our DOAC support programme.

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1National Health Service England (London Region), London Clinical Networks. ‘Excellence in anticoagulant care: Defining the elements of an excellent anticoagulation service.’ August 2016, p.5. Last accessed: 20 September 2017. Available at:

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