A smart model of connected self-care

Support your patients to self-care with our engage app. engage helps you deliver tailored care remotely to your patients, reducing pressure on your service and moving care closer to home.

Our technology enables data to flow seamlessly between patient monitoring devices, clinical systems and analytics tools via the engage app.

Highly commended on the “Best Healthcare App” category at the 2017 Building Better Healthcare awards, engage offers a wide range of connected self-care programmes and gives your patients the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-care in partnership with your team.

  • Support your patients to stay independent for longer
  • Release clinic time to focus on patients that need it most
  • Eliminate transcription errors with full integration to patient devices

Connected self-care made easy with engage

Release clinic time and support your patients to self-care with our easy-to-use patient app.

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90% patients said they would recommend engage in a survey carried out to patients from the INR self-testing programme 2017.

Watch what care teams and patients say about engage


What do care teams say about engage?

Watch this video to find out what’s it like to offer engage to patients.


What do patients say about engage?

Watch this video to find out what’s it like to use engage.

INR self-testing for your anticoagulation patients

Our INR self-testing programme enables you to reduce pressure on anticoagulation services, eliminate transcription errors and improve outcomes for patients on traditional anticoagulants. Our programme provides all the step-by-step training and support your patients need to self-test safely and conveniently without the need to attend regular anticoagulation clinics.

Approved to join the NHS App Library, the INR self-testing programme enables your patients to send their INR results directly to their patient record in INRstar and receive their dosing instructions from your team via the engage app.

  • Connected technology
  • Patient training and support
  • Safer and accredited INR self-testing

There's no extra work for your team – we take care of the whole set up process, including patient meters, education and support.

Improve TTR and release clinic time with engage INR self-testing

Support your patients to self-test whilst staying connected to your team with our engage app.

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It really is about offering choice to patients.

Pernille Wood,
Lead Practice Nurse, Three Spires, Truro

Support your patients on a DOAC

Reduce time in clinic, follow NICE guideline on direct oral anticoagulant (DOAC/NOAC) monitoring and avoid transcription errors with our DOAC support programme. Delivered via engage, our easy-to-use patient app, this programme enables you to encourage tablet adherence by supporting your patients to understand their anticoagulation therapy better.

The DOAC support programme empowers patients to learn more about their specific DOAC with easy-to-follow educational videos available at any time.

The DOAC support programme enables you to:

  • Improve follow up and monitoring of DOAC patients
  • Support medication adherence
  • Improve health outcomes

Stay in touch with your DOAC patients

Support your DOAC patients to self-care and stay up to date with their progress remotely.

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1 in 3 patients become non-persistent within 6 months

Jackevicius C.A.,Tsadok M.A., Essebag V.et al.
'Early non-persistence with dabigatran and rivaroxaban in patients with atrial fibrillation'

Deliver paperless dosing schedules with the engage app

Our interactive digital dosing diary enables you to eliminate transcription errors and ensure your patients receive and understand their dosing schedule in a more convenient way.

The digital dosing diary enables you to:

  • Support your patients to understand their anticoagulation therapy better and feel more in control of their health
  • Reduce costs and save time with dosing instructions delivered from INRstar directly to your patients via the engage app
  • Eliminate transcription errors with next test dates and dosing schedules sent digitally to your patients
  • Encourage adherence with daily dose reminders

Send patients their dosing schedules digitally

Go paperless and save time and potential posting costs with our digital dosing diary.

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Start delivering connected self-care to your anticoagulation patients

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