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On 23 April 2019

Professor David Fitzmaurice

The number of patients on anticoagulation therapy is growing each year, with correct and effective anticoagulation being vital for those at risk of stroke, deep vein thrombosis (DVT) and pulmonary emboli (PE). To keep up with current guidelines and best practice, The University of Warwick is providing a range of courses throughout 2019. These courses will provide practical and clinically-focused topics with the aim of improving patient treatments and quality of life.

The University’s courses provide education resource for healthcare professionals involved in cardiovascular, thrombosis and anticoagulation management. Courses are developed using evidence from research and guidelines to provide appropriate knowledge and skills.

Professor David Fitzmaurice, Course Director, says,
”The number of patients requiring oral anticoagulation therapy continues to increase by around 10% per year with approximately 1.5 million currently on an oral anticoagulant in the UK. This is due to the strong evidence base for stroke prevention in atrial fibrillation, the growing awareness of reduced mortality and also the availability for over 10 years now of alternatives to warfarin therapy. In this increasingly complex landscape it is vitally important that clinicians are aware of the differing properties of all the new drugs in relation to warfarin therapy, but also how to manage the significant proportion of patients who will remain on warfarin. The University of Warwick provides a range of courses for all healthcare professionals which seek to ensure best practice for all patients receiving oral anticoagulation therapy.”

Led by Professor Fitzmaurice, the training courses are open to those of differing levels of responsibility and clinical knowledge and provide the opportunity to work towards a post-graduate award.

One-day and three-day accredited training courses will be held at the University’s Medical School throughout 2019.

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LumiraDx Care Solutions is the home of INRstar, the UK market-leading clinical decision support software for anticoagulation and we are proud to help raise awareness of these training courses which contribute to the continued improvement in anticoagulation management.

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LumiraDx Care Solutions is the home of INRstar, the UK’s market-leading anticoagulation clinical decision support software (CDSS) and engage, the patient app, which offers a range of self-care programmes for long-term conditions. engage was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Healthcare App category of the Building Better Healthcare Awards, November 2017.

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