Cakey fun – all in a good cause!

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On 18 December 2017

pulse checks at LumiraDx Care Solutions for AF awareness week 2017

AF Awareness week 2017

On November 23, we got together to do something fun – all for a fantastic cause, of course. As part of the Global AF Awareness Week we wanted to do our bit to raise awareness of the common condition caused by an irregular heartbeat which can lead to stroke. You can find out more about AF on our blog.

If you didn’t already know, one of our products helps care teams all over the UK to safely manage patients with this condition.

So, because we all like cake here at LumiraDx Care Solutions (well, who doesn’t?) we plumped for a baking fundraiser at our offices in Tolvaddon Energy Park.

We invited all our neighbouring businesses to sample the delicious variety of treats – the creativity of our team shown brightly that morning with a range of baked goodies.

Our panel of expert tasters (who were surprisingly keen to volunteer for the job…) sampled a whole variety of wonderful flavours and designs before announcing Lauren’s vegan chocolate cake as winner!

pulse checks and cakes baked for fundraising Global AF Awareness Week

Do you know your pulse?

We wanted all our team and neighbours to know their pulse. Our very own Dr Mark and Mike D – both medically trained – carried out pulse checks on the team and some of our brave neighbours to show how easy it is to detect AF with a simple pulse check. In total, they performed 34 pulse checks both manually and with the use of technology.

This initiative gave everyone an opportunity to discuss health and heart rhythm and raise awareness of AF.

Funds raised for AF Awareness week

Our event gathered an impressive turnout. We were happy to see so many of our team and some of our neighbours take part, discuss AF, enjoy coffee and cake and donate. We raised a total of £250 pounds to help raise awareness and offer support for people with AF.

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