Increase clinic capacity by 12% with INRstar’s new self-testing programme

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On 6 March 2017


Building on 20 years of anticoagulation expertise in the NHS with INRstar, we are developing a range of care programmes delivered via engage, an easy-to-use app designed to give individuals the knowledge, skills and confidence to gain freedom and feel more in control of their health. Our first programme offers a clinically risk assessed and safe option for your patients to test their INR at home.

Self-testing with the engage app

There is no extra work for your practice. We take care of the whole setup process including the step-by-step training and support your patients need to learn how to self-test. Once you confirm they are trained and competent, your patients can begin to self-test independently and send their INR result directly to your clinic via engage. You can review the results in INRstar and send them their new dosing schedule.

Watch this video to see how your patient will self-test with the engage app.

What benefits can you expect to see?

engage enables your clinic service to:

  • Potentially Increase clinic capacity by 12% and release time to focus on your patients1
  • Save in costs with less adverse events2
  • Help reduce missed appointments and home visits
  • Help patients improve medication adherence
  • Eliminate transcription error with full integration with all Roche self-testing devices

NICE demonstrates improved patient outcomes including:

  • Better INR control3
  • More patients with a TTR of over 65%, lowering the risk of adverse events including strokes3
  • 48% reduction in risk of major thromboembolic events4

Want to know more about engage?

Download our brochure here and contact our sales team or on +44 (0)1209 710999 option 2.


1An estimated saving based on moving 20% of AC patients onto engage
2Cost-savings through avoidance of adverse events and increased dose accuracy –
315 out of 18 trials showed self-monitors have improved TTR –
4Self-monitoring (self-testing and self-management) showed statistically significant reduction in the risk of major thromboembolic events by 48% compared with standard care –

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LumiraDx Care Solutions is the home of INRstar, the UK’s market-leading anticoagulation clinical decision support software (CDSS) and engage, the patient app, which offers a range of self-care programmes for long-term conditions. engage was ‘Highly Commended’ in the Best Healthcare App category of the Building Better Healthcare Awards, November 2017.

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