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On 9 December 2013

With the new LES, using INRstar and implementing Point of Care Testing, we can now complete the pathway within one week, which is an impressive turnaround!

INRstar has been deployed across 56 practices in Leicester City CCG, enabling practices to set up new Local Enhanced Service (LES) level 4 anticoagulation services within primary care.

Leicester City CCG has rolled out INRstar to the 56 practices who are setting up LES level 4 anticoagulation services, and who will be providing these services for their remaining 7 practices. INRstar is award winning anticoagulation decision support software specifically developed to help health care professionals safely manage anticoagulation patients, and currently supports over 2,700 anticoagulation clinics across primary and secondary care in the UK. INRstar’s team of experts have worked hard to ensure that the solution complies with the European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC), helping users to meet their clinical risk assessment obligations.


Leicester City CCG wanted to bring anticoagulation services for non-housebound AF patients back into primary care and chose to implement a LES for anticoagulation across its practices, in order to bring patient care closer to home. Emma-Jane Roberts, Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation at the CCG and has been in charge of rolling out INRstar into all of the 56 practices who applied for the LES. After much research, the CCG chose to work with INRstar due to its reputation for advanced functionality and its accredited interface with TPP’s SystmOne, the GP clinical system used in most of the practices.

Effective management, local to patients

Emma-Jane explains how the programme started:

“Previously all anticoagulation patients in the area attended the hospital for treatment, which was time consuming and so it was decided that a Local Enhanced Service (LES) for anticoagulation for non-housebound atrial fibrillation patients should be implemented across the CCG to bring patient care closer to home. The previous system meant that patients would attend their GP’s surgery, wait up to 16 weeks to see a cardiologist at the hospital who would then write back to the GP asking them to start anticoagulation. The GP then had to refer the patient into the acute anticoagulation service for dosing and monitoring, whilst being professionally accountable for prescribing the warfarin. This meant an 18 week pathway was required in order to put a patient on warfarin. As part of our wider CVD vision we have been working in partnership with our practices to up-skill our primary care clinicians to detect, diagnose and treat Atrial Fibrillation patients to improve the patient outcome and pathway. With the new LES, using INRstar and implementing Point of Care Testing, we can now complete the pathway within one week, which is an impressive turnaround!”

Why INRstar?

Emma-Jane explains the decision to use INRstar:

“The previous programme manager carried out extensive research, the outcome of which was the decision that INRstar was the most suitable system to use. Leicester and Leicestershire are divided into 3 CCGs and the other two local CCGs (West Leicestershire CCG and East Leicestershire and Rutland CCGs) already used INRstar. We were impressed by the solution’s functionality, the ability to install quickly, and throughout the deployment process, the team at INRstar were very supportive and still are after one year. One would assume that setting up an anticoagulation service in primary care would be tricky, but we have had such excellent support and the software is so intuitive that the process has gone very smoothly.”

Robust and safe anticoagulation

Emma-Jane says:

“INRstar is most user-friendly and it has taken very little time for our staff to all become competent users. As it is a unified, networked system it means that I can access and review practices remotely and don’t physically have to go there. INRstar has developed a new reporting system that really helps us.”

Emma-Jane and her team have found the training sessions associated with INRstar really helpful.

“INRstar has an excellent support service and we have made good use of the training package which was provided. We are really pleased with the outcomes of the service transformation and delighted that we chose INRstar. In the past, the hospital had only 12 nurses delivering the anticoagulation service, we now have over 260 GPs and nurses with access to the system. Highly recommended!”

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