West Middlesex University Hospital, managing complex patients

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On 22 July 2013

Many patients are on a range of medication and we treat them over a period of time, helping them to get the balance right and reduce the risk of stroke.

Patrice McCarthy is Senior Anticoagulation Nurse at West Middlesex University Hospital and runs the clinic, which manages a large number of patients with complex health needs. The team manages the initiation onto warfarin of patients who are suffering from DVT and those who have been diagnosed with Atrial Fibrillation. The clinic use INRstar to assist with reporting and auditing, although they carry out manual dosing in line with hospital policies.

Successfully managing patients with complex health needs

Patrice explains:

“We have many patients that need to be carefully managed; those with clotting problems, DVT or valve replacements, for example. Many patients are on a range of medication and we treat them over a period of time, helping them to get the balance right and reduce the risk of stroke. The majority of our patients have a target INR of between 2 and 3. We actually dose manually as we need to follow the trust’s own policies, however we find INRstar to be extremely flexible, particularly around reporting.”

Linking primary and secondary care

Patrice continues:

“Our neighbouring Hounslow Clinical Commissioning Group also uses INRstar, and we find it really helpful that we can send discharged patients’ notes electronically to their GP practice once their treatment at the hospital is complete. We can also easily send important information to patients’ GPs, such as changing the location of testing location etc. I feel confident that this link helps pass on details between secondary and primary care safely, while cutting down massively on paperwork and meaning that paper notes don’t need to be passed around.”

Excellent reporting functionality

“Since starting to use INRstar, I have been able to complete many of the clinic’s day to day tasks so much more quickly and easily,” explains Patrice. “We really appreciate INRstar’s excellent reporting functionality, and the fact that we can carry out NPSA audits so easily is fantastic, it saves so much time. I can’t believe other hospitals don’t use anticoagulation systems! We no longer need extensive paper notes, and the time we used to spend on administration can now be used on improving patient care. I would highly recommend INRstar to other users in hospital environments.”

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