Safe, cost-effective INR self-testing

engage transforms the way you and your patients connect. Our fully managed service is easy to set up and gives individuals all the step-by-step training they need to self-test safely and conveniently whilst staying connected to their care team.


Watch this video to find out how it works


video of engage self-tester

What do individuals say about engage?

“It’s one of the best things that I’ve ever been given.”

Bill, 61, Yorkshire, engage self-tester

engage INR self-testing

What benefits can you expect?

No extra work for your team – we take care of the whole setup process: equipment, patient training and on-hand support

Reduce the risks of adverse events – such as bleeding and clots with improved INR stability2

Improve medication adherence – patients feel more in control of their health and have access to education about their anticoagulation therapy

Release 1.5 hours in nurse time on average per patient per year1 – giving you more time to focus on patients that need it

Reduce missed appointments and home visits – also releasing car park spaces and reducing carbon footprint

Eliminate transcription error – full integration with Roche’s CoaguChek XS and INRange and seamless connection to INRstar

What do care teams say about engage?

“It is really about giving choice to patients.”

Pernille Wood, Lead Practice Nurse, Three Spires, Cornwall

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