The market-leading software for safe, effective anticoagulation management

We have 20 years of experience in the NHS working closely with GP practices, pharmacies, out-of-hours services and hospitals.

INRstar supports the induction, dosing and review of patients on all vitamin K antagonist and both direct and new oral anticoagulant drugs (DOACs / NOACs).

We currently support over 2,700 locations across the UK treating over 300,000 patients with higher than average TTR:

81.20% of patients managed in INRstar have a TTR greater than 65%

The average TTR across all INRstar locations is 75.69%


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What do care teams think about INRstar?

Henry Goss, Lead Surgical Pharmacist explains how INRstar improved their clinic:
“Using INRstar has made it a lot smoother to manage the case load and provides a decision aid for when we are dosing patients.”



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“We were impressed by INRstar’s functionality, the ability to install quickly, and throughout the deployment process, the team at INRstar were very supportive and still are. One would assume that setting up an anticoagulation service in primary care would be tricky, but we have had such excellent support and the software is so intuitive.”


Emma-Jane Roberts, Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation, Leicester City CCG


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Frequently Asked Questions

Before a practice or organisation can start using INRstar, all the INRstar users will need to have a user account created and be given the correct permissions level.

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If you wish to purchase additional patient licences please fill in our online form. We aim to deal with your request within 1 working day.

Our INRstar help site offers you comprehensive technical support for all your questions about INRstar.
You can also chat to our support team on the help site, call at +44 (0)1209 710999 or email us at

INRstar is clinically risk assessed and holds a series of quality and information security certifications. Find out more on our About page.