ehi award winner 2015

Winner of the 2015 Ehealth Insider (EHI) awards “Excellence in Business Healthcare Analytics” category. 

INRstar analytics supports Leicester City CCG infographic

INRstar analytics helps commissioners to:


Identify and support areas where TTR range levels are low or unstable

Benchmark against high performing locations and share best practice

Make better decisions based on an instant overview of their anticoagulation services across multiple locations

Installing INRstar analytics is easy. We support you through the process and coordinate area-wide training so you don’t have to employ expensive project managers.


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“Introducing analytics has meant that business intelligence reporting for all practices is instantly available to us at the click of a button… this gives us more time to support our practices.”

Emma-Jane Roberts, Deputy Director of Strategy and Implementation, Leicester City CCG

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INRstar analytics has a range of reports that support commisioners to audit activity and service quality data. These pre-installed reports are based on common requirements voiced by anticoagulation therapy service providers, commissioning bodies and agencies such as the National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA). Visit our help site to find out more.

Our HL7 interface enables integration with hospitals laboratory system and INRstar. Visit our help site to find out more.