What’s a care solution?

Our care solutions include:

  • Care team tools and clinical decision support for safe care management
  • Population health analytics for commissioners and service providers to better understand location performance against national benchmarks
  • An integrated patient app which offers education and training and automatically connects patients with their care team for safe, supported self-care
What Is A Care Solution
how does a care programme work graphic

What’s a care programme?

Our care programmes support patients to feel more in control of their health and wellbeing by giving them the knowledge, skills and confidence to self-care.

Delivered via our easy-to-use patient app, our care programmes:

  • Give patients more control over their health
  • Connect patients with their care teams
  • Reduce costs to help ease budget pressure

Safe, connected care

Our care solutions are clinically risk assessed by medical professionals and hosted on the NHS N3 network.
We hold the following quality and information security certifications:

European Medical Device Directive (93/42/EEC)

ISO 13485

Information Governance Toolkit (Ref: 8HJ69)

ISO 27001

ISO 9001

We provide the tools and reports which enable care teams to meet National Patient Safety Agency (NPSA) compliance. We follow the Caldicott 2 guidelines for information sharing and the NICE guidelines on anticoagulation management.

As part of its on-going commitment to excellence, LumiraDx Care Solutions UK Ltd is committed to delivering the highest quality software with customer service that will not be surpassed. LumiraDx Care Solutions UK Ltd will provide products and services which conform to or exceed our customers’ expectations, regulatory requirements and international standards. Customers will be given the relevant attention and their needs continuously reviewed and our processes continually improved. A quality policy is endorsed and is communicated, understood and accepted at all levels within LumiraDx Care Solutions UK Ltd.

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